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Firstpost World, Berlin:

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who exposed the most extensive US global surveillance operations, has been awarded this year’s German “Whistleblower Prize” worth $3,900 in absentia.

The biennial award was given to Snowden, 31, at a ceremony in Berlin on Friday in recognition of his “bold efforts to expose the massive and unsuspecting monitoring and storage of communication data, which cannot be accepted in democratic societies,” organisers of the prize said.

In a message from his asylum in Russia, Snowden warned against the dangers of a surveillance state. “We should never forget the lessons of history when surveillance took the upper hand,” he said in a statement read out at the meeting. He also reminded governments that they must be accountable to their citizens for their actions.

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has written a series of reports about surveillance operations by US and British intelligence services based on top secret NSA documents passed on to him by Snowden, praised him for taking “great personal risks” to expose the “unbelievably high level of lapses” by the United States. He has shown “how a single person can change the world,” Greenwald said.

Snowden, who faces espionage charges in the US, has fled his home in Hawaii to Hong Kong in May and subsequently to Moscow, where he has been staying since 22 June. He was granted a temporary asylum by the Russian authorities at the beginning of August.

The whistleblower prize was instituted in 1999 by the Association of German Scientists and the German chapter of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA). The German section of global anti-corruption organisation Transparency International joined the prize for the first time this year.

The whistleblower prize jury said in its citation that Snowden took “great personal risks” in leaking the documents on the operations of US and other western intelligence agencies, aware of the current criminal prosecution of whistleblowers in security areas.




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Edward Snowden has opened up the possibility of, finally, truth in our government’s secret spying.  More revelations, according to Dr. Sasha Lessin, will inevitably lead to the truth of the role of the world-wide power elite.  Snowden’s leaks reveal the U.S. government’s lies about UFOs and the continuous ET presence on Earth, as well as the US off-budget governmet’s knowledge of free energy, its planned complicity and stand-down in the Twin Towers and Oklahoma bombings designed to scare Americans into allowing the so-called Patriot Act which let the government think it’s legitimating its snooping and murders, curtail what’s left of our ostensible civil liberties, kill Middle Easterners, steal the documents and artifacts hidden in Iraq that reveal our ET ancestry and diss Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Venezuelan Asylum Offerred, Snowden reveals UFO Documents

BY KILGOAR in the Internet Chronicle

According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.

CARACAS, Venezuela – Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA surveillance documents, was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday. With safe harbors in sight, Snowden was willing to share shocking and world-shattering exclusive secret government documents with The Internet Chronicle.

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Snowden’s testimony was as follows:

“The highest levels of government don’t know what to do about UFOs, and the official story that they are all merely weather balloons or natural phenomena have been clearly dismissed. If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own. As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings are of vehicles that have been spotted leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and directly entering solar orbit . . .

“Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep-sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth. It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years. Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . . .

“The president receives daily briefings about their activities. Analysts believe their technology to be so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war. The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”

Critics may allege that what the 30-year-old former NSA and CIA contractor can state with authority about our ultraterrestrial neighbors is already well-known. But the Ground-Penetrating Radar, or GPR, scans, which The Internet Chronicle has shared and confirmed with sources within intelligence community, will only serve to underscore popular bitterness over strategically timed earthquakes and tsunamis.

Just as PRISM shined a new light on goings-on in NSA’s ECHELON computer systems, revealed in the 1990s, the vast complexes of underground cities – laser-etched from pure diamond – apparent in the GPR scans will transform public debate about the balance between liberty and security.
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From UFO Digest

If we study carefully the events that lead to the Watergate style leakof NSA snooping recently, we can observe some hopeful signs as to an end to the UFO/ET cover-up. A small community of people has known about the massive surveillance of global citizens by the NSA for a long time, with a steady drip of whistleblowers coming forward on a regular basis. It’s not really that dissimilar to the drip of whistleblower leaks in the UFO community. It is possible that we have laid the groundwork for one courageous whistleblower, or small group of whistleblowers and media, to bring UFO/ET disclosure to the general public as has happened with the leak by Edward Snowden.
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It would be well that we paid attention to national and internationalevents that are unraveling the web of elite control, secrecy and deception worldwide. We just had unprecedented attention given to the latest Bilderberg meeting this June with some mainstream media attention. Attention has been growing slowly, drip by drip, focusing on Bilderberg activities since the group’s formation. Whistleblowers and alternative media seem to have reached a critical mass, and now seem to have put the super-secret group into disarray over transparency, as some of those on the uninformed periphery of the group, lobby for openness against the core fascists.


Another factor also in play is that many world governments are beginning to declassify UFO/ET documents in large numbers, while the United States Government continues to lie to the public on the issue. Even the Russians have been more open as to extraterrestrial contact with even the President of Russia coming forward that he received a briefing on ETs among us along with the nuclear codes when he became President. It was treated as a joke by the American press when he referred to the Russiandocumentary on the Men in Black when the American press thought he was talking about the American comedy Men in Black.










So we should ask ourselves is the stage now being set for one or several very courageous individuals to come forward with a major leak on MJ 12 or NSA data on extraterrestrials. Could this happen in the same manner that the leak by Edward Snowden has stimulated open public debate on NSA eavesdropping on global citizens? I certainly hope that this same sort of thing happens to stimulate aninternational public discussion on UFO/ET like is already going on in the limited arena of the UFO/ET community.

I have thought for the past several years that the only way we are going to get real unequivocal UFO/ET disclosure is for the Bilderberg Criminal Mafia’s global control structure to weaken. It’s got to weaken enough to where the information falls out into the public domain through whistleblower leaks that can’t be stopped. I don’t think governments will willingly disclose when the UFO cover-up is the global elite’s meal ticket with trillions of dollars being made by secretly exploiting ET technology and suppression of free energy technologies.






Obama Gives Himself Control of all Communication Systems in America

Forward from

US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.President Obama released his latest Executive Order on Friday, July 6, a 2,205-word statement offered as the “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” And although the president chose not to commemorate the signing with much fanfare, the powers he provides to himself and the federal government under the latest order are among the most far-reaching yet of any of his executive decisions.

On the government’s official website for the National Communications Systems, the government explains that that“infrastructure includes wireline, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting, and provides the transport networks that support the Internet and other key information systems,” suggesting that the president has indeed effectively just allowed himself to control the country’s Internet access.

In order to allow the White House to reach anyone within the US, the president has put forth a plan to establish a high-level committee calling from agents with the Department of Homeland Security, Pentagon, Federal Communications Commission and other government divisions to ensure that his new executive order can be implemented.

In explaining the order, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) writes that the president has authorized the DHS “the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications.”

In Section 5 of his order, President Obama outlines the specific department and agency responsibilities that will see through his demands. In a few paragraphs, President Obama explains that Executive Committee that will oversee his order must be supplied with “the technical support necessary to develop and maintain plans adequate to provide for the security and protection of NS/EP communications,” and that that same body will be in tasked with dispatching that communiqué “to the Federal Government and State, local, territorial and trial governments,” by means of“commercial, Government and privately owned communications resources.”

Later, the president announces that the Department of Homeland Security will be tasked with drafting a plan during the next 60 days to explain how the DHS will command the government’s Emergency Telecommunications Service, as well as other telecom conduits. In order to be able to spread the White House’s message across the country, President Obama also asks for the purchasing of equipment and services that will enable such.

LBJ ORDERED JFK KILLED, VALIANT THOR TOLD RFK: Web Radio Interview with Robert Potter

Sacred Matrix with Sasha and Janet Lessin 2013 05 30

Kennedy loves a parade













Robert Potter, interviewed by Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin, relates how his ET mentor, Valiant Thor, Commander of the Venutian Fleet around Earth, landed in Alexandria, Virginia and was brought to the White House where he shook hands with Ike and Nixon before spending 5 years in the Pentagon.









From left to right is Thor’s #2, like Thor, from Venus, in the middle, Dr. Frank Stranges, far right person is Commander  Valiant Thor of Venus who met Eisenhower.




Murderer sworn in as Jackie, who despised him, bit her tongue.




After JFK  was shot, Thor told Robert Kennedy that he had direct evidence that Lyndon  Johnson, about to be impeached for the Bobby Baker scandal, had President Kennedy killed when Kennedy bipassed the Federal Reserve and ordered the U.S. Mint to print it’s own money.  

Potter reveals the details of the RFK’s meeting with Thor.  

Thor’s flagship nests, says Potter, beneath Lake Mead.

Potter says Thor and his fleet stand ready to assist us soon in the EVENT–mass arrests of the power and media elite.

Click the link below and hear the mind-blowing revelations of lifelong contactee Potter.



Whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago writes: “Steven Bassett censors the testimony of those of us who were brought into secret projects in response to the ET presence. By suppressing the true history of the post-war US response to the extraterrestrial situation, the Citizens’ Hearing is a vehicle for CONCEALING THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE UFO COVER-UP, INCLUDING CREATION BY THE UNITED STATES OF A SECRET SPACE PROGRAM SO ADVANCED THAT BY THE LATE 1970’S IT WAS JUMPING US CHRONONAUTS TO MARS.”

“I join all living US chrononauts in urging a BOYCOTT of the Citizens’ Hearing. In not asking us to testify, Bassett is doing the work of the US government in concealing the postwar US response to the extraterrestrial situation, which included developing time travel and placing a secret US presence on Mars to put an extraterrestrial defense regime there.

The disclosure that Bassett seeks is official disclosure, as if anything will be changed by an official statement that we are being visited by extraterrestrials.

We all know that we are being visited by extraterrestrials and have been for millenia.


Radio Exposition and detailed article:

Hosts: Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha (Alex) Lessin, Ph. D. 


Our guest today is Andrew D. Basiago.   Andy is a practicing lawyer in Washington State who is waging a truth campaign to reveal publically the US time travel cover-up.  In the early 1970s as a child Andy served as a time traveler in DARPA’s Project Pegasus which was the US  time space program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense technical community.

In the early 1980s while attending UCLA Andy served in a second secrete US defense project which was the CIA’s Mars jump room program. One of his fellow crononauts was the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. In today’s show, Andy and Barry, the Presidency and US Time travel history, andy will explore his friendship with the young Barack Obama when they were serving in one of the most secret and advanced us intelligence operations in the history of our country.

We here at the Sacred Matrix at Revolution Radio ( hope that as we reveal the truth, get behind this truth campaign, we’ll reveal the story behind the presidents, world governments and the cover-up of technology that once revealed, could change the planet, heal this world.  These technologies, like time travel and teleportation systems, once revealed, could transform transportation of goods and travel, eliminate toxic fuel systems and create  the paradise we all long for and know, deep in our hearts, is possible.
time travel

What Basiago witnessed exposes how the power elite chose as U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Andy, through his participation in this program, has worked alongside extraterrestrials and beings, human and non, friendly and hostile, that live on Mars.

In this series of interviews with Andy and other truth speakers, we discuss the ramifications of truth, how we can maximize those energies, transform all into positive energy, uncover and implement solutions for humanity, all beings, creatures, environment and our planet.

Andy - Age 50 - Vancouver, BC - 4-22-12Andy’s Bio:

Andrew D. Basiago, J.D., M.C.R.P. (Dist), M.Phil. (Cantab), 50, the team leader of Project Pegasus and the founder and president of MARS, is an American lawyer, writer, chrononaut, and 21st century visionary.

Andy served in Project Pegasus at the dawn of the Time-Space Age and was one of humanity’s early Mars explorers.

He is a prominent figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such truths as the fact that the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events and has used time travel to place a secret US presence on Mars.

Andy has been identified as the first of two “planetary-level whistle blowers” predicted by the Web Bot, which analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to discern global trends.

His Truth Campaign about time travel and life on Mars is based on direct, personal experience serving on two US defense projects.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Andy was a child participant in Project Pegasus, which was the US time-space exploration program at the time of the emergence of time travel in the US defense-technical community.

He was called back into government service in the early 1980’s, when he made numerous visits to Mars after being tapped to join the CIA’s Mars “jump room” program.

For over a decade, Andy has investigated his secret project experiences on a quest to prove them and communicate them to others.

Soon, he will publish a tell-all book that will reveal the true story of his awe-inspiring and terrifying experiences time traveling for the US government.

Andrew D. Basiago was born on September 18, 1961 in Morristown, New Jersey, the youngest of five children, and grew up in Northern New Jersey and Southern California.

Andy was identified in early childhood as an “Indigo” child with special abilities, including the ability to use his mind to levitate small objects and to perform telepathy by reading the minds of others.

A past member of Mensa, the high IQ society, he holds five degrees, including a BA in History from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

While an undergraduate at UCLA, Andy studied American history during the day while attending a night school in strategic intelligence administered by the Naval Postgraduate School.

Upon graduating from UCLA in 1984, he became a journalist and protégé of editor Norman Cousins of the Saturday Review, who once compared him to Robert M. Hutchins and nominated him to be the editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Andy was inspired by a meeting with futurist Buckminster Fuller in 1981 to pursue a career in environmental affairs. After they met, Fuller wrote: “Andrew D. Basiago’s integrity augurs well for humanity’s continuance in (the) Universe.”

He began his public career writing articles about urban affairs for Los Angeles newspapers, national periodicals, and the Cousteau Society journal Calypso Log.

Andy studied environmental law at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, and then went on to design nature friendly urban plans for cities in California and study environmental law with Professor Malcolm Grant at Cambridge.

His scholarly papers about “sustainability” have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals in Australia, Britain, and the United States.

Andy was admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 1996 and maintains a private practice in Washington.

Recently, he edited several leading works related to humanity’s contact with extraterrestrial life.

He was the editor of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s book, Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe (Universe Books, 2005), which uses as a case study human contact with an advanced civilization on Mars.

He also edited The Fátima Trilogy by Dr. Joaquim Fernandes, Fina d’ Armada, and other scholars (Anomalist Books, 2007), a definitive history of the Fátima Incident of 1917 that explores its extraterrestrial aspects.

Andrew D. Basiago is on a crusade as a lawyer and statesman to have the US government disclose its time travel secrets.

Andy believes that lobbying the US government to declassify its secret teleportation capability, so that teleportation can be adopted globally as the leading form of civilian transport, is the most important environmental cause of our time.

He is calling his truth campaign “Project Pegasus” after the secret US time travel program that he served in during his childhood as one of America’s early time-space explorers.

Andy has enthralled listeners with his accounts of his time travel experiences in numerous television and radio interviews.

His appearances on talk radio’s popular Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory have been hailed as major “disclosure events” and have been popular broadcasts in the history of that show.

Andy has also described his time travel experiences in Project Pegasus during appearances on mainstream TV broadcasts in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

About his truth campaign as a participant in the US secret space program, he has stated:

Imagine a world in which one could jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a tunnel in time-space, and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. Such a world has been possible since 1967-68, when teleportation was first achieved by DARPA’s Project Pegasus, only to be suppressed ever since as a secret weapon. When my quest, Project Pegasus, succeeds, such a world will emerge, and human beings linked by teleportation around the globe will proclaim that the Time-Space Age has begun!

In an effort to establish on Earth that the Mars he visited is inhabited, Andy has also earned distinction as a leading scholar in the Mars anomaly research community.

His paper The Discovery of Life on Mars, published in 2008, was the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet and also the first work ever published on Earth to contain images of humanoid beings on another planet.

After publishing this landmark paper, Andy founded the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), a group that is dedicated to researching, disclosing, and educating the public about life on Mars, revealing the US presence there, and developing the laws and policies that are needed to protect Mars from visitation, exploration, habitation, and colonization by human beings from Earth.

He founded MARS in 2009 after discovering evidence of life in a photograph of the Red Planet beamed back to Earth by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. MARS continues to make breathtaking discoveries of ancient artifacts and biological beings on Mars.

Andy’s efforts to prove his Mars findings and bring them to public light have been called “heroic.” Of his Mars anomaly research as the president and founder of MARS, Andy has written:

I am leading the campaign to achieve political recognition that Mars is inhabited because we must enact an international treaty to protect the ecology and civilization of Mars. We must remember that Mars does not belong to us. Mars belongs to the Martians. If we fail to recognize this, then we will fail our first major test of cosmic citizenship. I believe that the people of the Earth are ready for cosmic citizenship and I believe that they are ready for the truth!

In 2016, Andrew D. Basiago will be a candidate for President of the United States under the banner Andy 2016 – A Time for Truth.