World Peace Association Earth Linked Hands Of All RacesWe envision a world where all consciousness is respected however it manifests in all species. Together we find viable solutions for all problems that plague society. We’re smart enough, wise enough, mature enough to accomplish this now, in this generation, in our time.

We’re free of the need to act out conflicts in harmful ways, ways that hurt us, our families, our countries, our beloved world. It’s time to stop, put aside our childhood toys of armies, war and violence and pick up the instruments and symbols of planetary peace. It’s time to take our neighbor’s hand, look in their eyes, smile and see the loving oneness that flows between us. Love is our natural state. Let’s be who we are. We are love.

We seek sustainable solutions. We need to meet all the needs of humanity at a core level. Each person born deserves their basic needs met–clean water, fresh air, unpolluted soil, safe and clean living quarters, right livelihood (something to do to earn money that feels good for the person doing it. Deep down we all like to contribute to our community), education (not propoganda, but skills that enable a person to function freely in the world).

We need freedom. We need basic, human, civil rights that allow each person to be who they are. We need to look deep into our souls and realize our rights end where another’s begin. Our souls know this and when we’re on the other side, we respect one another. Time to bring Heaven to Earth and realize we’re all EQUAL.

Partnership is the answer. Souls are eternal, reincarnating repeatedly over time. We experience lifetimes as male, female. We all spend time being children, adults, elderly. We spend time in all cultures, all races. We probably spend time as other sentient life forms on other planets. All deserve respect. All consciousness deserves recognition. We needn’t go through the endless cycles of time reincarnating over and over again to learn how to respect one another now, and stop creating negative karma, fulfill all karmic agreements once and for all.. NOW.

We become conscious, here, now. We realize what it’s like to be that other person, that other sex, age, race, color, creed. Here, NOW. Disrepect for consciousness is evil. We need to walk in our brothers and sisters shoes, Here, Now… We can do this.  Feel them.  We are all one. We all have the same basic needs. We all need love. We love our families, friends.  Give us peace, dignity, grace, beauty, harmony.  We all deserve those things.  There’s plenty enough for all.  There are solutions.

We are doing it. All’s accelerating. Humanity’s quickening because the internet creates transparency. All information’s available to all.


There are endless ways to do this.

Share your ideas with us.

We all hold a piece of the elephant. Solutions come from utilizing ALL the GENIUS of our species.

Our wisdom comes because we stand upon the shoulders of giants. Our ancestors lived and died so we have come to this point in time, with all our creations and innovations.

We owe it to them not to destroy all that we’ve built, learned, gained from the sum total experiences of our collective.

Create PEACE. Co-create it. We need each piece of this giant human puzzle to do it.

We are all equally important.




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