World Peace Association Hands Holding EarthWe have a mission, to heal this planet, all her creatures and features. A huge task. We know.  But doable.

What will that take? How can we enlist you in this mission?

It will take all of us participating, on some level, if only energetically supporting us in your mind’s eye. We do this for all when we reach critical mass, that magic, unknown number that will shift the world into peace mode.  When we reach our goal and that day comes, we shift all of creation, reality and move into a worldview that ultimately serves all beings, all of humanity, the Earth, the Cosmos and ALL of Creation.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, when “peace will guide the planets and love will guide the sun.” Now’s the time to accelerate this process by internalizing it within your being. As you anchor peace within, declare peace as your primary purpose, you create an energy field in your aura that radiates out and affects everything and everyone.

Together we create a civilized civilization, free of war, violence, death, destruction, disease, pestilence, pollution and all acts that hurt or harm others and our beloved planet.

Our mission is to create a conscious, kind, loving, peaceful world that respects consciousness, where everyone can live in dignity, beauty, grace and peace. This conscious, civilized civilization is doable. We know it within our hearts. We see it in the eyes of all we meet. Look deep. It’s there. Love. We are all one.

Our goal is to reconnect with that ONENESS, remember the Prime Creator, the Creator of it All is us. Source is within us. When we see that light in the eyes of the apparent other, we remember that we are love incarnate.

Together we accomplish this.

Peace begins within each one of us.

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