Janet Kira Lessin Peace Planetary Solutions

Dignity for all Citizens of Planet Earth by Janet Kira Lessin

Citizens of planet Earth can now clearly see that we must vote every day with our hearts, souls, bodies, and minds against cruelty, injustice, unkindness. In order to survive as a species and a planet, we must develop empathy, compassion, and learn to walk in each others’ shoes, feel what it must be like to be our brothers and sisters. Together we must help every person, plant, animal, environment survive and thrive, get their needs met, and more.

United as one giant soul that expands the totality of existence from GodSource/Universal mind to the smallest particle, we remember our union, the ONENESS and that we are all equal even though some of us (like Presidents, Queens, Kings, rich and royals) may believe they are more equal than others. Not. Greed and hoarding wealth will be the undoing of humanity and planet Earth. We must not permit greed to undermine the needs of every man, woman and child and insure all needs are met before luxuries are distributed and wealth hoarded.

Only then, can all humanity hold our heads up for thus we become a conscious, civilized civilization that allows all its citizens to live and love in beauty, peace, dignity, and grace? Anything less than that is barbaric. Rise above evil and barbarism and unify and commit to humanity, all beings of the Earth and mother Gaia herself.

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