BREAKING: Hell Freezes Over As Mitt Romney Marches in DC w/ Evangelicals For Black Lives Matter!

That’s it folks, embrace the Rapture and Lizard Overlords and get your best winter coat ‘cause End Times are here:Michelle Boorstein@mboorstein

Mitt Romney, marching down Penn Ave towards the White House, with about 1000 mostly evangelical protesters. They’re chanting “black lives matter!” and singing “This little light of mine” ⁦@MittRomney

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Now I will admit I have always had a slight fondness for Mitt ever since I watched the Netflix documentary, MITT. It was the portrayal of a pampered scion, an elite figure within a religious group, who is constantly struggling with living up to his father’s example while trying to just be your run of the mill entitled rich a-hole.

So when he put up photos recently of his father marching for Civil Rights in the 60s, I wasn’t impressed. We know Mitt is cut from the same cloth as Murkowski — all talk and no action when it comes to standing up to Shakes The Clown. Yes he voted to convict for impeachment, and that’s no small thing. Hell, he was banned from C-PAC for it. You know, the C-PAC that was the COVID Petri dish. 

But when it comes to things that relate to his father, the struggle is real, and I AM proud of him for breaking with the GOP rank and file and marching for progress.

Let’s not underestimate what he is doing here. MITT IS MARCHING WITH EVANGELICALS.

This a stunning blow to not only Trump but the GOP.

Yes I can be snide and give him crap, but that’s not what this time is about. This is a man who lives in a bubble within a bubble and yet, and yet, has made the decision to be on the right side of history.

Silver Spoon w/ Daddy Issues: Romney — 1, Trump — 0

Thank you, Senator Romney. Thank you.

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