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  1. Danusha says:


    Open letter to all the people of good will.

    There are 156 different alien races on this planet with their own agendas.
    Real Homo Sapiens are less than 29%.
    In the matrix, they are forces that want your energy and your soul.
    Living in fear which is the opposite of LOVE give them the power to do the satanic work.
    In February 2022 our Pinocchio with his clones gave us the circus performance.
    The whole world was laughing, saying…
    no more Canada it is Truckistan.
    The anti-humanity treatment with freezing the bank accounts for all for whom the word FREEDOM is the most precious word to behold showed the true faces of those clown.
    They brought UN planes with cyborgs and clones to quiet the truckers.
    Shame on you, J.T.
    You are the abomination to the Most High,
    To your family,
    To Canadians ( peacekeepers ),
    To us Homo Sapiens ( the goodwill people ).
    You are giving freely billions of dollars to support the hub of all the evil and atrocities in Ukraine.
    Shame on you J.T.
    You showed us how unfit you are as our leader!

    Another circus performance:
    The standing ovation in the parliament for Nazi collaborator.
    You brought shame to all people and veterans who died and fought for FREEDOM.
    You dared to say to the veterans, who complained about their current predicaments, to suggest Euthanasia as a solution.

    We, emigrants arrived here to have FREEDOM, dignity, peace.
    We embraced our adopted mother country and we’re thankful to give the opportunity to have a decent life.
    We are the peacekeepers.
    The last several years the lowest levels of hell are being introduced in our beloved country.

    Beware of the food you consume.
    Thousands products are already (in groceries) saturated with nano technology.
    The trend to enslave humans more is paramount.
    There is no respect for the elders.
    Children have more rights than parents.
    J.T. Quo vadis, domine?
    AIR – chemtrails…
    WATER – chlorine and fluoride the Nazi used in concentration camps to keep their prisoners docile.
    They put formaldehyde to the cartons to prolong shelf life of products.
    Do not buy them, liquids in cartons are detrimental to your health.
    The soil is being depleted and corrosive chemicals put in.
    The shampoos like Head & Shoulders are banned in most of the European countries.
    The governments are in a spiritual coma.
    It is time to repent ( = change of consciousness ).
    You became like donkeys, asses.
    You assumed that we are cattle.
    Do not assume b/c you are making an ass of you and me!

    Smart malls,
    Smart phones,
    Smart cities…
    What is going to be next?
    We have too many books for dummies!

    I want to know what LOVE is,
    I want you to show me.
    I know that Love is very unpopular word nowadays.

    May the Truth, truthfulness, compassion, kindness, benevolence, tolerance and forbearance be with us always.

    The blood of all who fought for FREEDOM and died for Freedom is boiling now.

    Liberte, fraternite, egalite to all.

    I dedicate this letter to all the homeless people, our brothers and sisters, to all who suffer.


    Did you know that YELLOW colour does not permit any kind of radiation to go through that colour!

    The word f.u.c.k is the most popular and encouraged mantra for people, the lowest form of Love.
    Profanity reigns! The sacredness is avoided like a plague.

    3 decades ago the teen pregnancies and the suicide SKYROCKETED.
    NOW IS THE CHILDREN who commit suicide, pure hell.
    The seniors are committing suicide b/c they do not have enough to live and you encourage Euthanasia!
    Shame on you!
    Quo vadis, domine?


    To all doctors, lawyers, priests, scientists.

    Quo vadis, domine?
    Love the Most High above all else and your neighbour as yourself.
    Follow the Good Law!
    PRIESTS … The history showed us that you failed terribly.
    The sacred geometry in our cathedrals are not being taught and explained.
    You do not teach love, oneness, unity consciousness.
    The blood of Christ is boiling.
    SCIENTISTS …BEWARE of bromide which is being used to bleach products, especially the food, petroleum by- products supplements, etc.
    BROMIDE extinguish the spiritual fire of unconditional love in our spiritual heart according to Agni Yoga.
    So, carpe diem.
    So, chose the path of VIRTUE, SACREDNESS, RESPECT, PEACE = JOY.
    So, do not choose poorly.
    Be decent,
    Be righteous.

    Peace to all beings.
    Blessings on all that Lives.

    Mama Danoo

    Men ignorant of the Esoteric truths and Wisdom are called ‘the living Dead’.

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