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OBAMA MORE LAWLESS THAN BUSH MINOR: Alfred Webre Youtube and script

Obama tears constitutionPress TV has conducted interview with ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE

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Webre is an, international law expert, Vancouver, about the issue of the NSA Director’s statement saying that spying on Internet users is legal and that the NSA has obtained access to the systems of Google and Facebook.


The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all I’d like to get your opinion on the conduct of the NSA and also about comments from the head of the NSA James Clapper alleging that whatever is being carried out is legal.

Webre: Just to put it very bluntly Mr. James Clapper is lying because under the Obama administration, his use of section 215 of the legislation that is citing, in which he is saying that any tangible item of anyone can be taken, from financial records to any other records.

The actions that he is undertaking violate the first amendment of the US Constitution of freedom of speech; the fourth amendment of unreasonable search and seizure; the fifth amendment against self-incrimination; and the fourteenth amendment as applied to all of the states. So, this is an absolute legal falsehood. And it goes along with the legal falsehood that the CIA earlier has attempted to give to the Obama drone program, which likewise is a violation of the Constitution.

With this step Mr. Obama has in fact taken the title from George W. Bush and become the most lawless president in US history.

James Clapper has alleged that this program is necessary to guard against terrorist attacks. In fact, all of the attacks that have occurred in US territory have been false flag operations.

Starting with the false flag operation of September 11, 2001 that put in place the Patriot Act that started this travesty against the US Constitution down to the false flag attack of the Sandy Hook massacre that occurred this year; the alleged Boston terrorist attack of April 15th, 2013 …..

And now, yesterday, in fact two days ago on… June 6, 2013 when Barack Obama as the cornerstone of these false flag operations was in Bel Air… there was another false flag shooting in Santa Monica by a tele-guided CIA shooter who had 1,300 rounds.

So, this program by the NSA and its sister intelligence agencies… a police state in the United States and implementation of state terror so as to provide pretexts for the implementation of martial law; of domestic concentration FEMA camps of which there are now 800 as has been documented by the journalist Christopher Story…

One Response to OBAMA MORE LAWLESS THAN BUSH MINOR: Alfred Webre Youtube and script

  • John Bacon says:

    I think Obama is a a foreign agent and is working to hand this country over to the UN and the NEW World (Dis)Order.

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