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Illuminati Mass Murders Humanity Every Day by Janet Kira Lessin

Peace3IlluminatiIsGood_imagesIlluminati Mass Murders (and Mind Controls) Humanity Every Day by Janet Kira Lessin

How many people do you know have died consciously, by choice? How many were completely healthy, woke up and said, “Today is a good day to die” and somewhere in the course of that day of death declaration, laid down, died and exited their bodies by pure will?

Approximately 155,000 die worldwide every single day. More than that are born, granted. But 155,000 leave this planet not by choice, but because they’re being murdered by this system of disease and accidents, most of which are caused because this system is fundamentally flawed, purposely created by the power elite. They systematically reduce our numbers because we’re no longer useful to them. But if diseases, and that includes the disease of aging, were eliminated, half that number would remain, perhaps more.

The rest perish from accidents, like traffic accidents. Many of those could be eliminated if we had other systems of transport, like teleportation (which already exists) in place. Some would still die every day. But that number would be minuscule in comparison to the 155,000 who die daily as of the writing of this article in May, 2013.

Healthier systems, less toxic and dangerous which come from technologies still being hidden and denied our planetary population, would eliminate even more deaths.

What would we do with our numbers? We’d colonize other worlds, of course. Or we may operate differently if we lived hundreds of thousands of years and only reproduce when we wanted to rather than by some subconscious desires to duplicate quickly before its too late and before we’re ready.

Most parents are ill equipped to parent, thus causing multi-generational dysfunction which leads to extreme negative emotional responses, such as depression and addiction to drugs (both prescribed and illegal). It’s a formula for death for many. And those who die through suicide are collateral damage for the Illuminati created by unloving and unsupportive societal systems that could easily meet the needs of its members and eliminate most if not all suicides. Now wouldn’t that be something?

What can we do? What can I do?

First of all, educate yourself to what’s happening behind the scenes. Investigate. Insist on transparency and honesty in your world. Start with yourself. Practice what you preach and desire. Pay attention to your needs, wants and desires. Do they serve you and your loved ones, friends, community? Get involved. Participate. Run for office. Learn how to feel one another, communicate and address their needs. Treat them as you would your own. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Clear any health issues and addictions within self. Get therapy. Get healthy on all levels, mind, body and soul. As you clear your subconscious and Higher Self, awareness aligns with your consciousness, balances your soul, ego and psyche. You become aligned, conscious, centered, an Aware Ego. You’re clear, understanding the game of existence and who you truly are with healthy boundaries for yourself while simultaneously holding into consideration your needs, wants and desires and the needs, wants and desires of your brothers, sisters, global community with whom you are all one at your core.

United, we stand, meaning we all benefit. There’s a point where all’s consensus, all are happy and healthy. None benefit at the suffering of others. Seek that alignment with all humanity, all creation within self. Then reach one, teach one, starting with those who are in your life, with whom you feel most intimate. You are a lifeline, a healthy channel of divine love, light and information designed to clear and heal all conflict and create a world and system of worlds where souls come to love and play, each day’s a joy with just enough challenge and interplay to make it interesting.

There will always be new frontiers for the Universe is vast. Explore and assist other worlds if one that’s healed, calm and cool becomes too boring for you. Once this Universe is complete, others will open for existence too is far too vast for any one being to ever fully comprehend.

Begin with self. Reach out to those in your arena. Eventually you’ll encounter those employed in the mass killing machine. It’s inevitable. Perhaps you yourself are already employed in the process that kills. I’m sure you are or have been in some part of your life (if you’re older) or may be involved in the future if you don’t watch your step.

As an employee, be aware of the products and policies of those with whom you seek employment. Boycott those places which have practices that you abhor. Maybe you’re not even aware. That takes us back to the beginning of this essay. Educate yourself. But if you can’t do it all at once, because it’s really not very easy to boycott the only store in your neighborhood because you’ll actually end up supporting the oil industry by driving further to shop where the store’s policies more closely align with your new found new age policies of love that supports the whole rather than the few at the top.

But give yourself time. Over time you’ll get it and figure out ways to shift your reality, then the totality of the continuum to more conscious relating and interacting across the board. In the meanwhile, do your best. Breathe. Relax into it. Have fun now and again. Forgive yourself. Forgive them all. This is a system of lies and deception. We’ve all been duped. Yet by finding love within your heart, forgiveness of self and others, you’ll be gently guided by higher love and dimensions of awareness.

You’ll meet then defeat Pharoah (and all his incarnations such as Kings, Queens, Popes, Priests, CEOs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc.) by melting his heart. Love will gradually transform all and the sooner you align with love, the faster it happens for all. It’s the Hundredth Monkey, Morphogenic Field, domino affect. In a twinkling of an eye, all transforms and love becomes the new operating system, the paradigm for our world, our beloved Mother Earth and all her peoples, beings, creatures and features. Peace rules divine love incarnated continually into third dimensional physicality till all aligns with heaven at the highest levels of existence. We’re done. ONE.

Then we start over. Isn’t it grand?

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