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JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN by Kris Kristofferson Web Radio on stupidity of prejudice



JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN by Kris Kristofferson

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Click arrow and hear Dr. Lessin on Web Radio rap about the importance of this song in exposing the stupidity of prejudice,. Then you get to hear Kristofferson sing and watch his youtube.

Here’s part of a great poem/song by Kris Kristofferson.

Kris_Kristofferson-1Kristofferson wrote:

Jesus was a Capricorn, he ate organic foods.
He believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes.
Long hair, beard and sandals and a funky bunch of friends.
Reckon they’d just nail him up if He come down again.

Egg Head’s cousin Red Neck’s cussin’ hippies for their hair.
Others laugh at straights who laugh at freaks who laugh at squares.
Some folks hate the whites who hate the blacks who hate the clan.
Most of us hate anything that we don’t understand.

‘Cos everybody’s got to have somebody to look down on.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Someone doin’ somethin’ dirty, decent folks can frown on.
If you can’t find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

Here’s Kris:

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