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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Bobby Darin’s gift of peace: A Simple Song of Freedom TELL THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE WE THE PEOPLE HERE DON’T WANT NO WAR

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Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don’t want a war

Hey there, Mister Black Man can you hear me?
I don’t want your diamonds or your game
I just want to be, someone known to you as me
and I will bet my life you want the same
Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don’t want a war

Seven hundred million are you listening?
Most of what you read is made of lies
But speaking one to one, ain’t it everybody’s sun
To wake to in the morning when we rise?

So come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don’t want a war

Brother Solzhenitsyn are you busy?
If not would you drop a friend a line?
Tell me if the man, who is plowing up your land
has got the war machine upon his mind

Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
That we, the people here, don’t want a war

Now no doubt some folks enjoy doin’ battle
Like presidents, prime ministers and kings
So let’s build them shelves where they can fight among themselves
and leave the people be who like to sing

Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you’ve never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
That we the people here, don’t want a war

Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
That we the people here, don’t want a war


Children sing for peace. Shot in Kabul, Afghanistan and Palm Springs, CA – this moving anti-war ballad is a reminder that the pleas of children are universal – They do not want war. Lyrics by Bobby Darin and David Rothmiller. Arrangement by Andres Condon. More info:

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jmarkz53 7 months ago
AWESOME! I knew somebody would know where this came from. This video was aired during a P.B.S. ‘Folk Rewind’ special. They probably have the DVD available. It was typycal 60’s stuff until this segment came on and took me totaly off guard. Thanks again!
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Milind Kaduskar 10 months ago
When was this video shot? Is this the performance that Kevin Spacey used in Beyond The Sea as the finale?
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jmarkz53 9 months ago
It wouldn’t surprise me if this performance WAS THE INSPIRATION(?) for Kevin Spacey’s performance (and kudo’s to Mr. Spacey for doing his own singing!) I’ve not been able to track down any info concerning this particular performance, so if anybody else can help, JUMP IN!
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paulslefthand 1 year ago
I’m 17 and last year I just happened to stumble upon Bobby Darin. I really wish popular music was still like this!! It sure beats dubstep and crap like that! :)
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Jay Branson 15 hours ago
Great song! it was like he was trying to hold himself back. He seems to have been filled with such emotions.
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andrewquigley18 2 weeks ago
good song the way it should be industrial war fucks
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stone wall 2 weeks ago
bobby it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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McMillian5 2 weeks ago
As acclaimed as he was in his life, Bobby Darin is probably the most underrated performer ever.
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Carole Robinson 4 weeks ago
Bobby was influenced by Bobby Kennedy…
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onemanband1950 1 month ago
I am.62 yrs. old now,(2013), and have sung Bobby Darin’s song of freedom for most of my life, almost as a comforting mantra. The song is so incredibly beautiful and with such meaning and always gave warmth to my heart. To honour Bobby , I love singing and playing it on my acoustic guitar for people. God bless Mr. Darrin, and I thank him so much for this touching song. Wish so much that he could have lived longer. His song here sure did give me life.



Anthropologist Sasha Lessin and UFO Scholar Janet Kira Lessin discuss the religions which fully-human extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru created and the slave-master relationship the power elite continue to this day.

Peace The Final Frontier


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JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN by Kris Kristofferson Web Radio on stupidity of prejudice



JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN by Kris Kristofferson

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Click arrow and hear Dr. Lessin on Web Radio rap about the importance of this song in exposing the stupidity of prejudice,. Then you get to hear Kristofferson sing and watch his youtube.

Here’s part of a great poem/song by Kris Kristofferson.

Kris_Kristofferson-1Kristofferson wrote:

Jesus was a Capricorn, he ate organic foods.
He believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes.
Long hair, beard and sandals and a funky bunch of friends.
Reckon they’d just nail him up if He come down again.

Egg Head’s cousin Red Neck’s cussin’ hippies for their hair.
Others laugh at straights who laugh at freaks who laugh at squares.
Some folks hate the whites who hate the blacks who hate the clan.
Most of us hate anything that we don’t understand.

‘Cos everybody’s got to have somebody to look down on.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Someone doin’ somethin’ dirty, decent folks can frown on.
If you can’t find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

Here’s Kris:

ALL WARS ARE BANKSTERS’ WARS youtube with post by Michael Tellinger

This is for those who still cannot believe that the bankers have been controlling the world for a long long time. Michael Rivero has written an incredible article about the control and manipulation of global politics by the banksters – especially in the past 300 years, leading up to the financial slavery we find ourselves in today.

He also compiled an incredible documentary on this subject with unimaginable quotes by past and present politicians and bankers.

The World Is A Trading Post of STUFF Michael Tellinger article and youtube

Slowly but surely, our entire planet has been turned into an unbearable trading post. Try to visualise all the millions of shops, kiosks, markets, stock exchanges, street vendors, restaurants, shopping malls, fast food outlets, etc… all with their shelves loaded with STUFF, trying to sell their STUFF to passers-by.

Millions of shopkeepers and their employees waste their lives away waiting for customers to come in and buy something.

Millions of companies spend insane amounts of time, money and creative energy to design and manufacture STUFF that they think people will want to buy. This is extended into every industry like the hospitality industries selling hotel rooms and holidays, scrumptious plates of food – WHY?

Because the human slaves that work all year like worker ants deserve to take a break at the end of the year to spend all that MONEY that have been working so hard for – to lie on a beach on some exotic island to make them feel better about themselves.

What has happened to us?

We have become a planet of slaves that manufacture more and more STUFF every month for other slaves to buy and consume. STUFF we do not need nor want, but it gets made in any case, with more colourful gadgets, bells and whistles, because the dumb slaves have become addicted to the gadgets.

The slaves think that they have advanced technology in their hands but instead, they only have more tools of control and tools of enslavement that will allow the slaves to become more productive in delivering to the masters and keep them occupied with the new gadgets, doing stupid mindless things so that they don’t have time to contemplate their humanness – who they are as immortal souls, and elevate their levels of consciousness.

It is always a NEW & IMPROVED version of the same STUFF, and it lures billions of people every month to buy this stuff with MONEY that they have to slave away for and in most cases don’t even have. It is an insane system – wake up and smell your brain burning.

Billions of people buy billions of things every day that they don’t really need – but this is a state of hypnotic numbness that we have been lured into so that we can continue to buy more stuff, so that we, the slaves, keep rewarding ourselves with all this glitter and stuff.

All this to keep us preoccupied and not realise that we are being conned by those who control the flow of money. This is the big secret – nothing else really matters. The slaves have to stay as busy as they can not to allow them time to think for themselves. And so this thing called “business” is born.

We were all born into this system where global business and businessmen are revered for what they do, and how much money they make. In reality it is the great deception that has entrapped the world.

In the meantime the planet is being mined by these businesses, more than ever before in our entire history. We yank every possible mineral and substance out of the ground, not because we really need it, but mostly so that more stuff can be manufactured and traded so that those who control the flow of money can sell the unsuspecting humans more STUFF they don’t really need. Most of the stuff we buy, we discard within a few minutes or in the next few years. Just think about it – don’t just dismiss this statement.

This just gets the slaves into more debt that they can never repay, and so the slaves have to work for the rest of their lives paying off more and more debt while consuming more and more stuff thinking that they are making good progress in life because the television tells them so.

All these ignorant human slaves just keep the wheels of industry turning, and this keeps the flow of money increasing and enslaving us more and more. The incredible waste of people power and resources and materials that goes into keeping this monster alive is almost unimaginable.

IT HAS TO STOP – We have to free ourselves from this insanity.

Most people cannot imagine a way out of this mess – and yet there is a very simple way out. It is so simple that every ounce of educated logic in our bones shouts at us that it cannot possibly be so simple. Because our minds and hearts and souls have been poisoned so deeply by the controllers of money, that we cannot see the simple solutions.

Money is the obstacle to all progress and the cause of all the strife on EARTH. So the answer is quite simple – REMOVE THE MONEY – suddenly all the madness dissolves almost immediately.

The UBUNTU Contributionism model allows for all things to be provided without money to all those who need to make the stuff that is really needed by the people. So that everything is possible and available at any time to those who make and manufacture things.

So, instead of making and marketing STUFF to unsuspecting citizens, we should be creating products and things that the people need to firstly survive, then to prosper and then to achieve great things on all levels of society. It is quite simple actually – The UBUNTU Contributionism model provides the plan and blueprint for such a society.

Just imagine that all those shopkeepers, traders, vendors and salesmen were not trying to sell stuff to people that they don’t really need, but rather acted as providers of things, and suppliers of services that communities need to reach their highest potential.

Just imagine all the factories and manufacturers, and everyone who creates anything, like cars, computers, nail clippers, clothing, shoes, beds, bricks, milk, eggs, bread, energy devices, and everything communities need – were actually making it specifically for the communities that needed those items.

Imagine if all these manufacturers were supplying scientists with things they needed to make great new breakthroughs. Our world will be a place of pure utopia. A true heaven on Earth that we have been denied of.
I know that I am really simplifying it, but everything should be simple as opposed to the complex, unworkable system we have today. It has to be presented simply, to allow people to start thinking about it and not shy away, as we have been doing for far too long.

This is why small communities under a well integrated Contributionism system will flourish in abundance. They will have everything they need and keep improving the lives of their people. Arts and culture will explode and consciousness will skyrocket with the freeing up of people’s minds.

It is not rocket science to establish what communities need and have it made or manufactured or produced for the community.

Let’s look at some basic examples. If there are 1000 people in the community, how many nail clippers do they need? How much shampoo do they use monthly? How much butter do they need and how many litres of milk do they use daily, and how much bread do they eat?

How many beds do we need in the community – and why is hand-spun cotton so expensive while thousands sit idly around looking for jobs? We should all be sleeping on the finest cotton sheets – because there are enough people to grow the cotton and spin the cotton.

Among those who sit idly wasting their lives away, are technologists and computer geeks. To place a computer into each household and into each factory and office is not an insurmountable problem.

Can you see the obvious approach to this STUFF problem?

The competition between brands remains an incurable disease in a capitalist society – we cannot stop it and more manufacturers make more brands as the competition expands.

But if money is no hurdle, then brands will not compete – we will transform from competition to cooperation.

Where everyone will share the latest know-how and scientific technology to make the best possible products for the greatest benefit of the people. We will dissolve our EGO and GREED and lose the need for new shiny metal and bells and whistles.

Let us turn the factories and traders into providers, suppliers and distributors rather than just salesmen and vendors who want to make money. Let them become the barometers of what society needs and the catalysts to start the production. They can play a critical role in the flow of energy through the UBUNTU communities.

Please watch this wonderful video clip called “The Story of Stuff” – 20 min which explains the insanity of what we are doing while pointing out the reasons behind it.

Keep exploring and join the UBUNTU Liberation Movement –

Michael of the family Tellinger

Israel and Iran: A love story?




Now that humanity is preparing to travel in space just as we travel around this planet, and humanity is getting ready to join the universal community and to venture into the spans of the universe, humanity needs to find peace in its home first.

Thank you for signing the WORLD PEACE TREATY as an individual. Please share the WORLD PEACE TREATY with family, friends and networks. If you are so inclined you can also print out the WORLD PEACE TREATY and take it to your City Council, your provincial and state legislators, and your national leaders/ambassadors to sign (both personally and on behalf of their jurisdictions).


“I/We as citizens of the Earth from this moment on accept to lay down all tools of aggression and war. I/We shall never think about getting involved in or inciting war or developing or using any tools of war on this planet or in space, and to this I/We all agree and swear with my/our (delete as appropriate) nation, territory, council, religion, city, body/bodies and souls(s).”



THRIVE: Foster Gamble’s youtube of paradigm shift possibilities