This is One More Video for your 911 Files!!! It is only 24 Seconds. It shows when one of the Towers was Crumbling down. When the Tower is done Collasping, look just to the Right of the center of the screen. You will still see a Very Tall Structure, Looks like many Stories high and it looks like the Iron Beams of the Towers Still Standing!!!
About 2 seconds after the collaspe of the Tower happens, this Structure starts to collaspe. Watch it Collaspe closely. Because not only does it Collaspe, IT ACTUALLY TURNS TO DUST!!!
Evidence for Secret Technologies that also helped bring down the Towers on 911!!! Ask this Question, how can Iron Beams like that turn to Dust???!!! Or, if it is part of the Concrete Outside of the Towers, how can this turn to Dust???!!!


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