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Coast-to-Coast Best: Tellinger, Basiago & The Lessins on Money-Free Economy, Teleportation, Time Travel & the Clandestine World Government

Andrew Basiago and Michael Tellinger, hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin give a lively 4-way discussion on how to save Earth from the Banksters who now contol it.

Andrew and Michael are candidates for presidencies of the US and South Africa.

Basiago and Tellinger share programs to eliminate banking and money that enslave us and to substitute free energy and teleportation systems already in use by Earth’s secret government for the petrol systems that currently pollute the planet.

FREE FOOD FOR ALL by Michael Tellinger

Feed the hungryThe world we live in today most people work, to make money, so that they can buy food. When people are homeless, jobless and hungry, they will do anything to get money so that they can buy food, even turn to crime. Currently the sad situation is that a lack of money turns good people into criminals. More and more people face harsh conditions finding themselves without work and without hope of survival in the future.

During March 2013, police in the USA acted on the instructions of a bank that foreclosed a food store, to prevent hungry and homeless people from taking the food put out on the sidewalk by the disgruntled store owner. The police stood by, preventing the people from taking any, while the food was loaded on to trucks and taken to a landfill. The video clip can be viewed here:

This is the kind of behaviour that will eventually make police officers realise that they are working for the ‘devil’ while oppressing their own fellow human beings.

Food is so expensive that the little bit of money people have available hardly keeps them sustained. Bad diet leads to bad health and an unhealthy mental attitude leads to bad decisions. This is the spiral of social degradation that is clearly visible in the world today.

In many parts of the world the governments are removing people from their land, where they grow food to sustain themselves. These removals are maliciously premeditated, to force people to work for money, to keep the bankster corporations in control.

The production of food, together with the supply of water, are the very first activities that need to be implemented in every town, to make each community self reliant on its own food supply as quickly as possible and give everyone back their dignity as human beings.

We must not underestimate the attempts by Monsanto and other GMO giants to take control of our food supply. They will do everything they can, to stop communities from achieving self sufficiency in food supply.

Self sufficiency in food supply will make such towns highly desirable to live in and they will experience a rapid flow of people from the overcrowded cities. It is also the catalyst that will start the domino effect, causing the neighbouring towns to adopt the same way of life. Because it will not take long before all the people from the neighbouring towns start buying all their goods from the town where all these goods are available at a fraction of the price, compared to their own town – which still operates on a normal capitalist system.

It is important at this stage that the community not “fall” into the temptation of becoming a profitable and capitalistic enterprise. The Council of Elders must be mindful not to increase prices or jeopardize the UBUNTU Contributionism principles for the lure of money.

These activities will allow all the people to live well in the town/community, needing very little money, if any. Very soon the people will realise that they hardly use any money at all while at home in their own community. The real spending applies only when people travel and they have to interact with other towns or buy items not available in the UBUNTU town. As part of the phased approach, it is imperative that the following projects are implemented with immediate effect.

· All possible support must be given to the farmers to produce as much organic non-GMO food as possible for their own community and other communities in their area.
· Utilise the idle municipal land and reach agreements with farmers to use their land in the surrounds for all agricultural activity.
· Establish a communal dining hall as one of the first projects to gain the confidence of the people. To show that this is not just another empty promise by the government. Provide one good meal a day for the hungry, the homeless and those out of work and all those who cannot afford food. Especially the orphans and the aged.

· But to qualify for a meal, the people have to do 3 hours of community work per week, towards creating the meals. I am not talking about hard labour or slave labour or even child labour. Those are expressions closely associated with a capitalist system where people and children are exploited. There are many things that children and the aged can do for the community that are linked to learning new skills while providing a diverse number of benefits to their community. Even some cultural activities create products for the community. The aged can contribute their experience and knowledge in almost every area. The number of meals provided to such participants will increase as the system gets refined and can provide the extra meals.

· Utilise one of the empty municipal buildings in town to create a functional kitchen with tables and chairs and get some of the jobless people with the right skills to do the cooking. This can eventually escalate to 2 and 3 meals a day when the community projects have become really productive.

· The funds for the kitchen can come from the recycling of the rubbish dump, the agricultural activity by the community, the income from selling the long list of products and services by the self-sustained community, and also the interim community account that is controlled by the Council of Elders on behalf of the community. Remember that during the initial stages there will be money going into the community trust account every month instead of disappearing into the bottomless coffers of the municipality.

· A community bakery must be upgraded to bake a large number of breads every day to provide all the people with bread at a low cost. Not just the boring government loafs, but all kinds of nutritious breads that can also be sold at the farmers’ market, restaurants and ‘exported’ to neighbouring towns. Those that contribute will get free or very cheap bread, based on the situation of the community.

· Dairy for production of milk, cream, butter and cheese. This can become a very lucrative part of the first phase towards self sustainability.

· Free-range chickens for eggs and meat.

· Growth tunnels for vegetables and herbs all year round.
· Bee hives and bees, to pollinate the plants and trees and provide honey. Each bee hive can produce an average of 15 – 30 kg honey per year.

· Fruit, nuts and citrus orchards – will also have many spin-off products.

· Fish breeding – an average size fish farm can produce millions of trout, bass, catfish and other fish in the dams and abandoned factories/farms, for consumption by the community and for selling to neighbouring towns.

· Bottled water from the natural springs to sell on the open market to distributors and also passers-by on the freeway.

· Experts in each activity can advise on how large that sector should be to provide enough for everyone and comply with the 3-times production principle.

· These are just some of the most obvious activities that can to be implemented to create a self sustained community with food related produce.

· The production and supply of food to the community will provide a good model for understanding of how to implement the same in other sectors of industry and manufacturing.

Join the UBUNTU movement – become a seed of consciousness.


War criminals3The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation. Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this eye-opening film is for you.


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Click arrow, listen, and everything you you think will forever change for the better.

Hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Andrew Basiago and Michael Tellinger, candidates for presidencies of the US and South Africa share programs to
*eliminate banking and money that enslave us
*and to substitute free energy and
teleportation systems already in use by Earth’s secret government for the petrol systems that currently pollute the planet.


Michael Tellinger shares details of how banks do not exchange nor have actual money, they exchange accounting entries and promissory notes among each other. But will they take your promissory notes, which they say they accept as payment? You slave most of your life away, getting dressed, burning petrol going to where you work for money, worrying and thinking of money. Buckminster Fuller’s shown that if wealth which, overall’s grown immensely, were distributed equitably, there’d be plenty for all if we all just worked 3 hours a day. But instead, the rich have plenty, the middle struggle, and the poor starve and die. Stop participating in this rip-off scheme. Give your talents to benefit all

Michael shows how, 300,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens from Nibiru who created us as dumbed-down mine slaves tapped the energy of the Earth with sound technology, Sasars–higher frequency sound vibrations, more powerful than lasars–to mine gold into white powder of monatomic gold to shield Earth from view of Federation observers, so the latter couldn’t see how they imprisoned souls in the matrix of money they created for us slaves and also used the gold powder for their extreme longevity and to shield and cloak Nibiru.

Andrew Basiago documents how teleportation technology has long been used by Earth’s hidden government, which has kept fossil fuel technology, murdered free energy entrepreneurs, lied to the public about our many decades of time travel and colonization on Mars, and selected the Bushes, Clinton and Obama (a longtime CIA operative) as figureheads to hide the divide and control by war and separation they perpetrate. The widespread use of the teleportation technology the hidden world govenment, ie, bankster dons, have suppressed could easily free us from lives of economic slavery and a planet polluted by burning oil.

Please listen to the interview that points the way to a world of love, art, and freedom.

IMF – The Largest Organised Crime Syndicate In Human History by Michael Tellinger


Ten reasons why the people should cause the collapse of the IMF

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were created in 1944 at a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and are now based in Washington, DC. The IMF was originally designed to promote international economic cooperation and provide its member countries with short term loans so they could trade with other countries (achieve balance of payments). Since the debt crisis of the 1980’s, the IMF has assumed the role of bailing out countries during financial crises (caused in large part by currency speculation in the global casino economy) with emergency loan packages tied to certain conditions, often referred to as structural adjustment policies (SAPs). The IMF now acts like a global loan shark, exerting enormous leverage over the economies of more than 60 countries. These countries have to follow the IMF’s policies to get loans, international assistance, and even debt relief. Thus, the IMF decides how much debtor countries can spend on education, health care, and environmental protection. The IMF is one of the most powerful institutions on Earth — yet few know how it works.
1) The IMF has created an immoral system of modern day colonialism that SAPs the poor
The IMF — along with the WTO and the World Bank — has put the global economy on a path of greater inequality and environmental destruction. The IMF’s and World Bank’s structural adjustment policies (SAPs) ensure debt repayment by requiring countries to cut spending on education and health; eliminate basic food and transportation subsidies; devalue national currencies to make exports cheaper; privatize national assets; and freeze wages. Such belt-tightening measures increase poverty, reduce countries’ ability to develop strong domestic economies and allow multinational corporations to exploit workers and the environment A recent IMF loan package for Argentina, for example, is tied to cuts in doctors’ and teachers’ salaries and decreases in social security payments.. The IMF has made elites from the Global South more accountable to First World elites than their own people, thus undermining the democratic process.
2) The IMF serves wealthy countries and Wall Street
Unlike a democratic system in which each member country would have an equal vote, rich countries dominate decision-making in the IMF because voting power is determined by the amount of money that each country pays into the IMF’s quota system. It’s a system of one dollar, one vote. The U.S. is the largest shareholder with a quota of 18 percent. Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain, and the US combined control about 38 percent. The disproportionate amount of power held by wealthy countries means that the interests of bankers, investors and corporations from industrialized countries are put above the needs of the world’s poor majority.
3) The IMF is imposing a fundamentally flawed development model
Unlike the path historically followed by the industrialized countries, the IMF forces countries from the Global South to prioritize export production over the development of diversified domestic economies. Nearly 80 percent of all malnourished children in the developing world live in countries where farmers have been forced to shift from food production for local consumption to the production of export crops destined for wealthy countries. The IMF also requires countries to eliminate assistance to domestic industries while providing benefits for multinational corporations — such as forcibly lowering labor costs. Small businesses and farmers can’t compete. Sweatshop workers in free trade zones set up by the IMF and World Bank earn starvation wages, live in deplorable conditions, and are unable to provide for their families. The cycle of poverty is perpetuated, not eliminated, as governments’ debt to the IMF grows.
4) The IMF is a secretive institution with no accountability
The IMF is funded with taxpayer money, yet it operates behind a veil of secrecy. Members of affected communities do not participate in designing loan packages. The IMF works with a select group of central bankers and finance ministers to make polices without input from other government agencies such as health, education and environment departments. The institution has resisted calls for public scrutiny and independent evaluation.
5) IMF policies promote corporate welfare
To increase exports, countries are encouraged to give tax breaks and subsidies to export industries. Public assets such as forestland and government utilities (phone, water and electricity companies) are sold off to foreign investors at rock bottom prices. In Guyana, an Asian owned timber company called Barama received a logging concession that was 1.5 times the total amount of land all the indigenous communities were granted. Barama also received a five-year tax holiday. The IMF forced Haiti to open its market to imported, highly subsidized US rice at the same time it prohibited Haiti from subsidizing its own farmers. A US corporation called Early Rice now sells nearly 50 percent of the rice consumed in Haiti.
6) The IMF hurts workers
The IMF and World Bank frequently advise countries to attract foreign investors by weakening their labor laws — eliminating collective bargaining laws and suppressing wages, for example. The IMF’s mantra of “labor flexibility” permits corporations to fire at whim and move where wages are cheapest. According to the 1995 UN Trade and Development Report, employers are using this extra “flexibility” in labor laws to shed workers rather than create jobs. In Haiti, the government was told to eliminate a statute in their labor code that mandated increases in the minimum wage when inflation exceeded 10 percent. By the end of 1997, Haiti’s minimum wage was only $2.40 a day. Workers in the U.S. are also hurt by IMF policies because they have to compete with cheap, exploited labor. The IMF’s mismanagement of the Asian financial crisis plunged South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries into deep depression that created 200 million “newly poor.” The IMF advised countries to “export their way out of the crisis.” Consequently, more than US 12,000 steelworkers were laid off when Asian steel was dumped in the US.
7) The IMF’s policies hurt women the most
SAPs make it much more difficult for women to meet their families’ basic needs. When education costs rise due to IMF-imposed fees for the use of public services (so-called “user fees”) girls are the first to be withdrawn from schools. User fees at public clinics and hospitals make healthcare unaffordable to those who need it most. The shift to export agriculture also makes it harder for women to feed their families. Women have become more exploited as government workplace regulations are rolled back and sweatshops abuses increase.
8) IMF Policies hurt the environment
IMF loans and bailout packages are paving the way for natural resource exploitation on a staggering scale. The IMF does not consider the environmental impacts of lending policies, and environmental ministries and groups are not included in policy making. The focus on export growth to earn hard currency to pay back loans has led to an unsustainable liquidation of natural resources. For example, the Ivory Coast’s increased reliance on cocoa exports has led to a loss of two-thirds of the country’s forests.
9) The IMF bails out rich bankers, creating a moral hazard and greater instability in the global economy
The IMF routinely pushes countries to deregulate financial systems. The removal of regulations that might limit speculation has greatly increased capital investment in developing country financial markets. More than $1.5 trillion crosses borders every day. Most of this capital is invested short-term, putting countries at the whim of financial speculators. The Mexican 1995 peso crisis was partly a result of these IMF policies. When the bubble popped, the IMF and US government stepped in to prop up interest and exchange rates, using taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street bankers. Such bailouts encourage investors to continue making risky, speculative bets, thereby increasing the instability of national economies. During the bailout of Asian countries, the IMF required governments to assume the bad debts of private banks, thus making the public pay the costs and draining yet more resources away from social programs.
10) IMF bailouts deepen, rather then solve, economic crisis
During financial crises — such as with Mexico in 1995 and South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, and Russia in 1997 — the IMF stepped in as the lender of last resort. Yet the IMF bailouts in the Asian financial crisis did not stop the financial panic — rather, the crisis deepened and spread to more countries. The policies imposed as conditions of these loans were bad medicine, causing layoffs in the short run and undermining development in the long run. In South Korea, the IMF sparked a recession by raising interest rates, which led to more bankruptcies and unemployment. Under the IMF imposed economic reforms after the peso bailout in 1995, the number of Mexicans living in extreme poverty increased more than 50 percent and the national average minimum wage fell 20 percent.Please remember that all of this activity by the IMF has been cunningly planned and orchestrated for centuries and implemented with spectacular success, leaving the uninformed humans wondering why the world is so corrupted and why life keeps getting harder.



protestPolice Prevent Hungry Crowd From Taking Free Food 2013

Every day the draconian rules that enslave us are enforced by our fellow human beings against their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

This is a call to the police and all others in the security services. Remember that you are all human beings part of the human family. It is time to choose sides. Either you will continue to be the instruments of oppression against your own people or realise that the police are being exploited by the unlawful corporate governments to keep the people enslaved and keep limiting their human rights.
Time to join the human family against the tyranny of unlawful corporate governments.

All those in the police and the army – please become PEACE officers of the people – not policy enforcement agents for corrupt government and the banksters that keep them in power. The video clip below will make this painfully clear.

On a planet of abundance – hunger and poverty is not an option – it is by design.
Only we, the people will change this.
Only out of unity can we achieve infinite diversity and abundance for all.

Love and light
Michael of the family Tellinger

ALL WARS ARE BANKSTERS’ WARS youtube with post by Michael Tellinger

This is for those who still cannot believe that the bankers have been controlling the world for a long long time. Michael Rivero has written an incredible article about the control and manipulation of global politics by the banksters – especially in the past 300 years, leading up to the financial slavery we find ourselves in today.

He also compiled an incredible documentary on this subject with unimaginable quotes by past and present politicians and bankers.