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  • Tell all the people!

    In the 21st century in 2015; Please around the world, I suggest a command for the destruction of weapons and for world peace. Please!
    Jesus said: “Everything you want to make people you do also do it.”

    The need to eliminate all weapons and war on this planet! Then we could start talk about peace and the quality of life on this planet, which is the only one for all of us. That is the solution, how to emerge from the global crisis. Everything else is wandering in the fog and prolonging the agony. We have to abolish the weaponry and the monetary system. This was also proposed by Pope Francis.

    If women, mothers do not implement changes, no one will do this for us. Only a mother’s love is so powerful that it can change the world.
    People need peace in the world without weapons and we need love, religion of love.
    All good for all of us! Let peace be with us! THANK YOU,

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