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Click arrow, listen, and everything you you think will forever change for the better.

Hosts Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Andrew Basiago and Michael Tellinger, candidates for presidencies of the US and South Africa share programs to
*eliminate banking and money that enslave us
*and to substitute free energy and
teleportation systems already in use by Earth’s secret government for the petrol systems that currently pollute the planet.


Michael Tellinger shares details of how banks do not exchange nor have actual money, they exchange accounting entries and promissory notes among each other. But will they take your promissory notes, which they say they accept as payment? You slave most of your life away, getting dressed, burning petrol going to where you work for money, worrying and thinking of money. Buckminster Fuller’s shown that if wealth which, overall’s grown immensely, were distributed equitably, there’d be plenty for all if we all just worked 3 hours a day. But instead, the rich have plenty, the middle struggle, and the poor starve and die. Stop participating in this rip-off scheme. Give your talents to benefit all

Michael shows how, 300,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens from Nibiru who created us as dumbed-down mine slaves tapped the energy of the Earth with sound technology, Sasars–higher frequency sound vibrations, more powerful than lasars–to mine gold into white powder of monatomic gold to shield Earth from view of Federation observers, so the latter couldn’t see how they imprisoned souls in the matrix of money they created for us slaves and also used the gold powder for their extreme longevity and to shield and cloak Nibiru.

Andrew Basiago documents how teleportation technology has long been used by Earth’s hidden government, which has kept fossil fuel technology, murdered free energy entrepreneurs, lied to the public about our many decades of time travel and colonization on Mars, and selected the Bushes, Clinton and Obama (a longtime CIA operative) as figureheads to hide the divide and control by war and separation they perpetrate. The widespread use of the teleportation technology the hidden world govenment, ie, bankster dons, have suppressed could easily free us from lives of economic slavery and a planet polluted by burning oil.

Please listen to the interview that points the way to a world of love, art, and freedom.

3 Responses to END OF MONEY, FOSSIL FUEL & SLAVERY; RETURN TO CONTRIBUTIONISM: Tellinger & Basiago on Web Radio

  • Thomas Anderson says:

    I have been working on a monetary system that bridges the gap between getting out of the debt system now, and into this moneyless system you seek :)

    ever unit of currency is generated as a result of a donation of labor, resources, or the means to obtain either of those two, for three sorts of endeavor,
    scientific research, disaster relief and prevention, or ecological restoration and maintenance programs. 100% of donations go toward the projects mentioned above the cost of producing the physical units themselves, unlike many of the so called non-profit org’s, that often take a portion out of this and put it in their pockets, this will never happen, and the units are completely impossible to counterfeit, as each is protected with a system of private accounts (no personal info is collected for this to be set up) Message me if you have questions

    additionally to get the equipment to further this cause, you can visit

  • John Bacon says:

    When the Off Worlders do take over, they’ll impose their monetary system on us to integrate it into what ever system they have. I also see all Earth religions abolished and Off World “Church” imposed on us.
    If is true that we are an illegal species, We can be replaced by a whole new Hybrid kind. It won’t matter if we were created by the Anunnaki or the Pleiadians.

  • Jovan Jovanović says:

    No comment… everything is clear…

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